Rach Gia Monastery system

Rach Gia City is a coastal City and it’s the third biggest city in the mekong delta. Rach Gia also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and the largest island, Phu Quoc island, well- known to tourists for long. There are 3 main ethnic groups in this …

Kien Giang Attractions

Kien Giang Attractions

To make this video clip, I spent more than 3 months traveling around Rach Gia City – Kien Giang Province in search for beautiful destinations in Rach Gia City. I also travel to far-flung islands in Rach Gia City which may unknown by the outsiders. Even though, the video clips here has not covered all the beautiful destinations of Rach Gia Area.

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Nam Du island – Then and Now

Nam Du island Then. Nam Du island situated in Kien Giang Province, about 45 miles away from Rach Gia mainland. Actually, its name refer to Nam Du archipelago which has 21 big and small islands and islets, and there are only a few inhabited islands in the archipelago. When I …

Duck herding in Rach Gia City

Duck herding is a very popular and umbiquitous in the mekong delta, especially in Rach Gia City. It’s very interesting and photogenic if you are a photographer or just an adventurous traveler who eager to see new things and new places. Even though it’s popular, it’s not easy for visitors …