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Drone Operator in Vietnam – Colorful Mekong

Drone Operator in Vietnam

Nhan Le provides reliable and affordable Drone service in Vietnam.

As a professional drone operator in Vietnam who has been traveling around Vietnam since 2007. I have a chance to shoot and witness beautiful sceneries around Vietnam in different timing. This time I traveled with my clients to the Mekong Delta to do an aerial filming project in this region. During this time, the Mekong Delta was most colorful in Chau Doc City. The rice fields in the Mekong turned into various colorful and very photogenic which is amazing for aerial filming.

Unlike other parts of Vietnam, in this region, the local farmers woul grow their crops up to 3 crops a year because there is plenty of water and the soil is very rich in nutricient.

If you are having a filming project in the Mekong Delta, you should visit this region. Along with the rice paddy system are hundreds of rivers and canals which create the verdant Mekong.

And as a Professional Drone Operator in Vietnam, I provide reliable and affordable drone service in Vietnam. If you are looking for a Drone Operator in Vietnam, contact me.

I am also a local Film Fixer in Vietnam, so I will help you to obtain drone permits in Vietnam if your filming projects require ones. I provide affordable Film Fixer Service in Vietnam.

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