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Drone Operator in Vietnam – Flower Village in the Mekong Delta

This village located in The Mekong Delta and well-known for it’s flower production. The whole villagers make a living by growing various type of flowers. This village attracts thousands of villagers daily and is a great place for film maker and photographer around the country to visit before Vietnamese lunar new year.

This photo was taken during my filming trip there with my client who wanted to film the village with aerial view and needed a Drone Operator in Vietnam to help with. That time, he contacted me and we agreed the price.

During that time, the whole village was full of color, yellow, dot, purpuse and more. In this particular section, the whole area turned yellow and the farmers were getting around watering the flower in the afternoon.

I hope you will enjoy this view. provides Drone Service in Vietnam. If you are looking for a drone operator in Vietnam, contact Nhan Le now

And if you are having a filming project in Vietnam and looking for someone to help with Location Scouting in Vietnam or Drone Operator in Vietnam, please let me know. I am more than happy to work with you.

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