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Drone Operator in Vietnam

Why hire a Drone Pilot in Vietnam?

  • It’s difficult for foreigners to bring their drones to Vietnam. Your Drone maybe seized at the custom.
  • Another reason is thatyou may have some difficulty obtaining flying permits in Vietnam as the differences in language may give you a headache.
  • The flying permit indicates that your attitude and longtitude which you must fly at particular time. And each permit you can only fly one time.
  • So for those reasons, it’s best that you hire a local Drone Operator who provides Drone Service in Vietnam to help you with. He will take care all of the problem, and you now only focus on the filming project.

Why Hire Nhan Le as your Drone Pilot in Vietnam.

  • Nhan Le is an experieced Drone Pilot in Vietnam. Nhan Le has been flying drone since 2017 (5 years). Nhan Le can give you some advice where to fly and where not to and he knows exactly where is the most beautiful location for your filming project because he is a travel photographer since 2007 and he also provide location scouting service in Vietnam. So he knows the country.
  • Nhan Le speak English fluently. So you won’t have miscommunication or need to hire a translator for your drone operator which is waste of money. Only pay one time for your Drone Operator in Vietnam. Do not pay more for a translator.
  • For those reasons, if you want to hire a Drone Operator in Vietnam, please contact me.

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