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Film Fixer in vietnam – Fishing in Hue

Fixer in Vietnam

Film Fixer in Vietnam - Nhanlephoto.com

As a Local Film Fixer in Vietnam, I often travel around Vietnam with my clients to film and photograph various acitivities. This time, I traveled to Hue with my clients to film this traditional fishing activity.

The documentary was broadcasting on Iran National Tivi later after our trip. Please take a look at part one. I hope you will like this beautiful documentary film.

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam and looking for a professional Film Fixer in Vietnam, please contact me.

I provide Location scouting service in Vietnam to help you to scout around, photograph and film the locations so you can estimate and see if it’s good for your movie film set or not.

I will also advice which is the best location for your film. So if you want to hire someone who provides location scouting service in Vietnam, please contact me.

I also provide professional Film Fixer service in Vietnam for both Film Makers and professional photographers who have special assignments in Vietnam.

Or if you are looking for a professional Drone Operator, please tell me. I provide reliable and affordable Drone Service in Vietnam.

If you have any questions, please let me know.