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Fixer in Vietnam – Basalt rock forming

Fixer in Vietnam

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Fixer in Vietnam – Basalt rock forming in central Vietnam

It’s the only place in Vietnam to see this unique basalt rock forming in the entire Vietnam and only available in a few places around the world. It’s Ganh Da Dia.

As a local Fixer in Vietnam who often travel around Vietnam to explore new places for my clients. This time, my client wanted to see unique seascape in Vietnam, so I suggested to visit Phu yen province to see Ganh Da Dia which is a basalt rock forming that only available in this city.

If you are a photographer who loves landscape and seascape photography, this location is an amazing place for you to visit and photograph.

The best time to see this location is in the morning to shoot sunrise, but sunset is also amazing.

If you like this place and looking for a Local Fixer in Vietnam to help with. Or if you have a filming project along Vietnam coast, please let me know. I will help arrange everything including: transportation and accomodations, drone service in Vietnam, filming permits in Vietnam and more. I also provide Location scouting Service in Vietnam. If you like to film somewhere in Vietnam and want to know more about the place, hire me to go there to photograph and film the location for you. So you will understand it better and save time and money.

if you have any questions, please let me know.