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Fixer in Vietnam – Blue eye girl in vietnam

Fixer in Vietnam – Blue eye girl in vietnam

She is a vietnamese teenager who is phenomenol and special in vietnam. The one and only girl who has one brown eye and one blue eye. She maybe also the most special girl in the world that I have ever seen before.

Nhanlephoto.com provide filming production service and fixer service in Vietnam. If you have an upcoming filming project in Vietnam and looking for a Fixer in Vietnam, contact nhanlephoto.com

She lives in a small town on the outskirt of Ninh Thuan Province. was born in a family where her father, who also has 2 blue eyes but not as noticeable as her.

They had been mock, humiliate during childhood because of the differences. But not anymore when she becomes popular and draw attention of local photographer. Nowadays, she is studying to be a tour guide in college.

As a Fixer in Vietnam, I help a documentary film maker to contact her and we made a film about her. I hope it will be debut soon.

If you are looking for a special model who has something special, I think this girl is amazing and you may never seen anyone like this before. If you want to meet her, contact me. I’m a Fixer in Vietnam who helps location scouting in Vietnam and model casting or talents.

If you are interested, please let me know.

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