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Fixer in Vietnam – Tribal Village

Fixer in Vietnam

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This tribal Village in a remote mountainous area of Dong Van district is very beautiful and colorful during blooming season before and after lunar new year. The weather is quite cool and cold at night around 6 degree celcius to 12 every day.

During this time, the whole town is covered and dotted by pink, yellow, and white colors. The local farmers begin to plow their fields preparing for a new crops.

In this particular area, the limestone rocks dominate the whole region. Farmers try to cultivate on every inches of soil and output is modest.

In some part of the town, there are some areas which used to farm opium and later convert into tourist spots and flower fields.

Tourists changed this whole region into a better version. Nowadays, many Vietnamese tourists and photographers as well as film makers travel to this province.

I think the diversity of culture and ethnic groups create a great place that film makers love to see and film.

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