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Fixer in Vietnam – Explore Ha Giang

Fixer in Vietnam

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As a professional Film Fixer in Vietnam, I had a chance to explore and visit all the regions and areas in Vietnam. This month, I led my customers to explore Ha Giang during flower blooming season.

It was fun and there were 12 people of us traveling around the nothern part of Vietnam. We had a chance to see and photograph the mountain tribe portrait, learning new culture and experienced new things.

Ha Giang during this time is very colorful and Dong Van is the best during this time. But if you want to see the golden color which happens around Sept to early Oct, you may want to visit Hoang Su Phi instead.

We also visit some tribal market in Dong Van such as: Sa Phin tribal market, Pho Cao tribal market and we were able to see many kind of mountain tribe who gather there trading and selling at those markets.

If you are interested in Vietnam minority ethnic groups and landscape, you may need to visit Dong Van. You can see Lo Lo people, Miao people, Tay people, and more.

And if you are looking for a Fixer in Vietnam to help you with, please check me out. As a professional Film Fixer in Vietnam, I have helped thousands of happy and sastisfied customers to film and photograph around Vietnam.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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