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Fixer in Vietnam – Exploring this Red Dao village.

Are you looking for fixer in Ho Chi Minh City? Contact me.

This is my job, as a fixer in Vietnam, I arrange this mountain tribe, Red Dao, in Sapa for my customers to film and making doccumentary about the tribe daily life.

It’s interesting to stay there, talk to them, eat with them, and film them. This moutain tribe has some photogenic activities and long culture and ceremonies that you should see if you are looking for something new and exotic in Vietnam.

If you just go there as a travelers, you may not able to see that because you need to spend time there and some ceremonies only take place during a particular season.

If you want to see everything and the real Vietnam and looking for a fixer in Vietnam, contact me. I will arrange everything for yourr trip and filming project.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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