Fixer in Vietnam – Filming in Hue

I have been working as a guide since 2007 and have traveled around Vietnam ever since. If you are looking for a fixer in Vietnam. Contact me

This was my filming project with my customers as a Fixer in Vietnam. We were filming this unique fishing activities in Hue city – Central of Vietnam to produce a doccumentary about this man family who family has been fishing by casting fishing nets for 3 generation.

The casting nets here is giantic and golden, unlike any other in other parts of Vietnam. It’s weight around 20 kg and about 6meters long. Doing so requires a lot of effort and great techniques.

We were lucky to finish our filming project there in 2 days. As a Fixer in Vietnam, I am willing to travel everywhere in Vietnam to help my customers with filming projects.

If you are looking for a Fixer in Vietnam, please contact me. I also offer drone service in Vietnam. If you are looking for a drone pilot in Vietnam, contact me.

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