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Fixer in vietnam – Fishing villages in Vietnam

Fixer in Vietnam

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Fixer in vietnam – Fishing villages in Vietnam

Along Vietnam coast, there are many beautiful fishing villages from the south central up to the north coast. But each province has something different and unique form of fishing. For example, in the Mekong Delta, local people still use wide fishing net that enough for 2 people to catch fish close to the shore. In the central coast, rounded boats are popular, up to the central a little bit more, big fishing boats with giantic nets will be used. In Hoi An, the practice of dangling fishing net under the water will be used.

So as a professional Local Fixer in Vietnam, I must understand and know which region is best for my clients to visit and shoot fishing activities accodingly to my clients interest.

This time, as a local Fixer in Vietnam, I travel with my clients up to the south central coast exploring some beautiful fishing villages to shoot local fishermen life. I showed my clients all the unique things and fishing tools in this particular region.

If you are looking for a local Fixer in Vietnam to help with your filming project, photography assignment, please let me know. My Fixer Service in Vietnam is affordable and professional, including: Location scouting in Vietnam, Drone Service in Vietnam, filming permits in Vietnam, and more.

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