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Fixer in Vietnam – Flower blooming

Fixer in Vietnam

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As a Fixer in Vietnam I often get asked this question: What is the best time to see flower blooming in the northern parts? What kind of flower to see in there?

It’s normally bloom before Vietnam Lunar new year late december to early Feb. If you plan to see and film it, you must visit Vietnam during that time.

Where to see the flower blooming in Vietnam? There are some amazing places to see it:

You can visit: Moc Chau where is the most beautiful place to see it. The second place that I like most is Dong Van. This year, the weather in Dong Van colder than other provinces, so the flower there last longer.

What else you can film and photograph there?

You can film local mountain tribe children playing around under the peach tree or climb up there playing around. It’s very beautiful there during this time of the year.

What do you should prepare for the trip?

You should have a rain coat, warm jacket because during that time, temperature will drop down low and cold.

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If you have any questions, please let me know.