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Fixer in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

Fixer in Vietnam

Film Fixer in Vietnam - Nhanlephoto.com

Fixer in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City during the outbreak

During this time, when the corona virus outbreak around Vietnam, Vietnam shut down some of it major cities such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City.. etc. Later Vietnam has some restriction on traveling and transportation.

And today will be almost last day that we stay home. Everything will soon resume and will be back to regular days. As a Local Fixer in Vietnam, I still provide Film Fixer Service for everyone. If you are doing some research about life in Vietnam under quarantine time, you can contact me. I can photograph and film people life in Ho Chi Minh City and some other cities that are virus free.

I hope that this pandemic will be over soon and everyone will be safe. Our work will be back to normal again.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and looking for a Local Fixer in Vietnam, please contact me. My service includes: Location scouting Service in Vietnam, Drone Service in Vietnam, Filming permit and drone permit in vietnam, transportation and accomodations arrangement.

If you need further assistant, please let me know.