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Fixer in Vietnam – Hoi An fishing net

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Fixer in Vietnam – Hoi An fishing net

This fishing net is the most beautiful acitivity to photography and film in Hoi An. It’s so unique and magnificient as well as photogenic. If you are visiting Hoi An, you must visit this fishing village to shoot this activity. As a Local Fixer in Vietnam, I often travel around Vietnam with my customers.

This time I travel with a group of photographers to explore the central of Vietnam. We visited Hoi An, Hue, Da Nang for 5 days. We had so many photography opportunities during the trip. Even though I have been here many times, but I really love this town.

All the giantic fishing nets dangling over the water at Cua Dai Beach, fisherman will be working and fishing in the early morning everyday to catch and sell fish.

It’s a great location to photography sunrise in Hoi An. if you are lucky enough, you can able to see some mist in the early morning.

If you love this acitivity and want to shoot it. You can contact me. And if you are looking for a Local Fixer in Vietnam to help with your filming projects in Vietnam, contact me as well.

Tell me what you like, your idea, and I will take care of the rest. My Film Fixer Service is reliable and professional.

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