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Fixer in Vietnam – Hunting rounded boats in Vietnam

Fixer in Vietnam – Hunting rounded boats in Vietnam

This time, my mission as a Fixer in Vietnam was to help my customers to film fishermen with their unique boat shape that only available in Vietnam. It’s beautiful and lovely boats that would impress people with their first look.

The fishermen in Vietnam use this boats to fish close shores and to load and unload fish from the traditional big boats. In some region, the traditonal rounded boats have been replaced by clastic. And at some places, the fishemen event motorize them.

Looking for a FIXER IN VIETNAM?

So my customer was looking for a Fixer in Vietnam who could help him to do a location scouting in Vietnam and find the traditional ones and some activities with it. So he contacted me. And soon after sending him this itinerary . Everything was set.

We traveled there and did some beautiful shooting for his documentaries and we had some iterviews with the fisherman. The people are also friendly. It must be a unique documentary film.

If you are planning to film in Vietnam and look for a Fixer In Vietnam who can helps with locationg scouting, filming permits, car and accomodation arrangment, contact me.

I also offer drone service in Vietnam. Let me know if you have any questions.

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