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Fixer in Vietnam – Quang Ngai rice fields

Fixer in Viet Nam

Film Fixer in Vietnam - Nhanlephoto.com

As a local Fixer in Vietnam, this time I travel with my clients to Quang Ngai during harvest season to film the local life and farmers there during rice harvesting season.

It was so beautiful during that time in Vietnam as the rice turn yellow and all farmers will be busy harvesting rice. Weather is also very good that make our trip succesful.

We started our trip in Ho Chi Minh City where I picked my clients and then we traveled along the central coast of Vietnam up to Quang Ngai. Our trip did not end there, we travel up to Hoi An and filmed there as well.

So if you are looking for a local fixer in Vietnam, please contact me. I provide Film Fixer Service for photographers and film makers around the world. My service including: Location scouting in Vietnam, Drone Service in Vietnam, accomodations and transportation arrangment, filming permits and more.

If you have any questions about my Film Fixer Service in Vietnam, please let me know.

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