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Fixer in Vietnam – Salt farming in the Mekong Delta

Fixer in Vietnam

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Fixer in Vietnam – Salt farming in the Mekong Delta

As a local Fixer in Vietnam, I often travel around Vietnam to look and scout for new activity and learn new things, improve my job to be a better fixer in Vietnam. This is a photo that I shot in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam where the local farmers produce salt which will be supplied to all the Mekong Provinces.

Most of the areas are coastal area and the farmers will pump the salty water into their salt flat. It’s very interesting and nice to witness how the farmers make salt in Vietnam.

But the local farmers in the Mekong Delta only harvest salt one a year during the dry season around March to April.

If you like this acitivity and want to photograph it or film it for your filming projects in Vietnam, please let me know. If you need a Local Fixer in Vietnam who help with your projects, please also let me know. My Fixer Service in Vietnam is flexible and can help you with everything you need.

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