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Vam Cong Bridge – This Bridge officially ended the era of ferry crossing on Hau River, a tributary of the Mekong Delta, after almost 1 century operation. 

For almost 100 years, the Mekong People had to cross this ferry to reach the other side, Dong Thap Province, In order to travel up to Ho Chi Minh City. And It took a lot of time to get there. Nowadays, traveling around the Mekong Delta is must easier and faster.

It’s said that the ferry was first introduced and operated in 1929 when the French Rulers governed this region. 

The bridge was first built in 2013 and first opened on June 2019. The bridge crosses some local villages and that created a great playground for the villagers to play and get around in the afternoon.

Even though the ferry had gone but its story and history remain in every people of the Mekong in this generation.

As a Fixer in Vietnam and a Vietnamese Photographer who used to live in the Mekong Delta, I took this chance to capture the beauty of this bridge. But I wanted to do something different so I went underneath and waited for a few hours to capture the villagers life under this giantic bridge.

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