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Fixer in Vietnam – Vietnam desert.

Fixer in Vietnam – Exploring Vietnam most beautiful and unknown desert.

This is one of the most, if not the best, desert in Vietnam. Commonly called Sandunes in Vietnam. It’s very photogenic and great for photography and filming. When my clients look for a Fixer in Vietnam who could search for this location in Vietnam, he found me and asked me about this.

That was easy for me because as a Fixer in Vietnam and also a photographer, I have been scouting new locations around Vietnam for years and rarely a location that I haven’t been too.

So he want to film a traditional and typical women work in Vietnam at this desert. We got there quite early and wait for sunrise. In this region, it’s also one of the places first to see sunrise. So we got there very early.

Our models were there waiting for us already. Then we wait a little more and just when the sun began to rise, we started to shoot until 8AM and then left to the next location to film our next screen.

If you are looking for a Fixer in Vietnam who can help with Filming Permits in Vietnam and location scouting for your upcoming filming projects in Vietnam. Don’t forget to contact me.

I also help arrange accomodations, car, etc. If you have any question about Fixer in Vietnam, please let me know.

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