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Harvesting Lepironia articulata.

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Harvesting Lepironia articulata (gray sedge).

In the Photos, three local women, in Binh Dinh, kicking bunches of Lepironia Articulata, to remove and eliminate weeds, after harvesting them right on the fields.
Lepironia is widely grown in central Vietnam, mostly in Binh Dinh Vietnam. but Lepironia is sparsely grown in Mekong Delta and can be spotted in : Kien Giang, Chau Doc, Tra Vinh. There are two types of Lepironia in Kien Giang Province; farmed one and wild one that naturally grows on moorland.
As Kien Giang located on the gulf of Thailand and shared its border with Cambodia, this area has created a habitat for one of the rarest birds in Asia, the sandhill crane. After harvest time, this area provides abundants food and helathy environment for those birds. So they usually fly to Vietnam, from Cambodia, after rainny seasons.
Lepironia can be used to make bags, baskets, mats and many other handcrafts. Tradionally Vietnamese people sleep on those mats, and usually every family own a few mats. Even thought it’s less prevalent than the past, and modern vietnamese people prefer mattress, visitor can easily spot one when visiting Mekong Delta.
harvesting them will take a few days, but to make mats take much longer time and effort. First every single grass will be split in half, in order to make it dry faster. Then comes the drying process, the farmers will lay them out, in direct sunlight, for a few days. After that, the grass will be dyed into several colors : red, yellow, purple. Then drying will be repeated, and finally they will be transfered into weaving machines.

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