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Hon Thien Village – Phan Rang

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Getting there, a remote village, is not easy, especially at 4:30AM in the morning. We had to travel through an desolated road where rice paddies lay along both sides of the road; the deeper we got, the narrower the road was. And until we could not get any farther, we parked our car by a local church, on foot we went through the town.
The town was still asleep as darkness enveloped the whole town. There are some intersections, Where houses looked alike and each one resemble one another, that could easily confused new visitors. There were a few people already woke up and ready for a new day. At first, I was wandering around to find a small unpaved road that led to the fishing village, then I was strayed a few blocks in the wrong direction and hopelessly lost. When I was about to enter a local cemetary, there was a man, on his motorbike, called me back and said:
– nothing to shoot there, it’s a local cemetary!
Then he showed me they way. He knew that I was going to the fishing village to take photos, based on my look, camera on my neck and tripod on my shoulder, when I walked passed his house. Then He realized that I was on the wrong way, so he got his motorbike to go after me just to help me and show me the place where I supposed to go. I thanked him and went there waiting for the sun to rise.
When I finished and back to our car, there was a group of local kids playing in the church’s courtyard. When they saw us, they folded their hands in front of their chest and bow their heads saying :”Con Chao Chu!”, A very formal way to say hello to strangers which made my day.
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