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Location scouting service in Vietnam

Location scouting service in vietnam

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Location scouting service in Vietnam

You want your film set to be taken place in Vietnam? You want to know more about the location that you like? You want to hire a local Fixer in Vietnam to help scouting the location, taking photograph and film the location in order to help you understand better about the location? You want to hire someone reliable to do the job?

If your answer is yes to one of the above, contact me. As a local Fixer in Vietnam, I have been traveling around Vietnam for more than one decade. I have helped many film companies to scout around Vietnam alread and I am the first one to provide location scouting service in Vietnam.

Being a professional photographer give me better advantage than others, I undertand your needs and requirements. I can scout and help you information from the floating markets in the Mekong Delta, to the cave system in Vietnam. I can scout and photograph local mountain tribe in central Vietnam and up to the northern parts of Vietnam.

I can scout for new locations and local tribal markets, tribal culture, Mekong River, Bridges, or Vietnam national Parks and more.

If you are looking for location scouting service in Vietnam, contact me. Let me help you.