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Nhan Le : a Professional Film Fixer in Vietnam

Nhan Le is a professional Film Fixer in Vietnam. Nhan Le provides location scouting in Vietnam, drone service in Vietnam, talent casting in Vietnam and more. If you are looking for a Film Fixer in Vietnam, check him out at http://nhanlephoto.com/film-fixer-in-vietnam/

Nhan Le is a professional Film Fixer in Vietnam. Nhan Le provides professional and affordable film fixer service in Vietnam. As a Travel Photographer, He has been exploring the country for more than a decade from the south to the north. With his deep knowledge and understanding of each region, he knows exactly what you want and where to look for that. His skill in photography is his advantage compared to other fixers. His understanding of the environment, culture and the diversity of ethnic groups make him stand out.

If you are having a filming project in Vietnam and looking for a Film Fixer in Vietnam, you can check Nhan Le out :

Nhan Le Provides : Location scouting in VietnamDrone Service in VietnamTalent casting in Vietnam, and more.

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