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Nhan Le : Portrait Photographer in Vietnam - Capturing the beauty of your journey

Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City and looking for a local photographer in Ho Chi Minh City for your photoshoot? Looking for a personal photographer who will accompany you and capture your beauty during Vietnam Trip? 

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Nhan Le is a professional Portrait photographer in Vietnam who offers affordable photography service in Vietnam. His goal is to shoot more creativity. His photography services including: Vacation photography service in Ho Chi Minh City which starting at only $60 and Wedding photography service Vietnam.

To Nhan Le, capturing portrait is not only experess one’s beauty but moment and personality through the image. With professional photography equipment and dedication, Nhan Le will give you the best photos and experience that you can have working with him.

For vacation  photography service in Vietnam, you will have a chance to shoot at multiple locations around Ho Chi Minh City for 2 hours. Imagine that you travel to Ho Chi Minh City and have a professional photographer accompany you around, capturing beautiful moments of your trip in Vietnam for only $60. isn’t it great ?

if you are planning to have your wedding photos or special photos taking in Ho Chi Minh City or Phu Quoc island or any where around Vietnam, let me know. I’m willing to travel around Vietnam. I will help you to plan for the trip, where to shoot and everything. What you do is to enjoy your trip in Vietnam and let the rest to be taken care of by me.

As a professional photographer in Vietnam, Nhan Le has been traveling around Vietnam for more than a decade from the Mekong Delta up to the Northern highlands. With his deep knowledge about the country and his love and dedication for photography, he will give you the best service that you can buy.

If you are looking for a Portrait photographer in Vietnam, contact Nhan Le. It’s my pleasure to photograph your beauty in Vietnam

Your photos, both original ones and post-processing ones,  will be sent to you within 3 days.

If you are looking for a photographer who speaks perfect English in Ho Chi Minh City, please give me a call or contact me.

+84 916 91 93 94 (Available on Whatsapp & Viber also)

I stay at Vinhomes Central Park; 208 Nguyen Huu Canh - Ho Chi Minh City.

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