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Photographer in Vietnam – Visit the corn house in Yen Bai

Photographer in Vietnam – Visit the corn house in Yen Bai

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Yen Bai is a very beautiful province that attracts thousands of photographers every year during planting and harvesting season. As a Vietnamese Photographer who lives in Vietnam and Fixer in Vietnam, I often get here with my customers during these season to shoot the rice terraces there.

Last year, when I was on a Vietnam Photo Tour with my customers. After shooting the rice terraces at dawn, we wanted to shoot something new and interesting. Something about the mountain tribe in Mu Cang Chai district. As a Fixer in Vietnam, I fulfill my customers by getting them to visit the corn house in Mu Cang Chai.

In this region, the H’mong people often make and store dried corn in their houses and use it during cold winter. So the houses usually full of corn and very colorful. I got them to visited this lady house who I know. Lighting was good and my customers loved it.

It always offer great photos and experiences when travel to this region. I provide Vietnam Photo Tours exploring Mu Cang Chai during planting and harvesting seasons. If you are a photographer and love to shoot this activity, join my Vietnam Photo Tours.

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