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Superstition and animal cruelty in Vietnam

Superstition and animal cruelty in Vietnam – Things that visitors should never do in Vietnam and other southeast asia’s countries. 

If you have been to Vietnam before, you may have heard some superstitious stories that related to some location histories. And local people are really fond of those stories – especially in remotes and suburban areas where local people have no modern education and no awareness of the world. They are scared off about anything that they can not have a scientific explaination. And usually blame their failures for some supernatural power or bad luck. For example, when they have a flat tire, it means something else, maybe bad luck. I spend a day listing those stories for you to read.

In the north, they even believe that if they have bad luck or something bad happen to them, they just eat cat meat one a month in order to make bad luck go away. thousands of dogs and cats are stolen monthly in the north to supply for restaurants in the region.

Some oppotunists even fabricated some superstitious stories to attracts pilrims around the region like in Chau Doc City.  There are many pilgrimage destinations in this city alone. Some local people make a living by selling small birds for pilgrims to buy them and realease them as an act of showing mercy to the animal, and in return, their bad luck will go away. Some people do that and expecting good luck in return. That is a wrong belief that has been practiced for so long in the mekong delta and other parts of Vietnam.  But the truth is, all the birds feathers are cut and can not able to fly far away. It will be recapture and resell over and over again. And eventually, it will die from exhaustion in the process of being captured and released over and over again.

A small dead bird laying on the ground where local people sell birds for pilgrims in Chau Doc City. 


So if you buy the birds, you are contributing to their profit and give them motive to do that. If you are traveling to Vietnam, don’t every support anything like that. If they can make a profit from animal cruelty, they will countinue to do that. We are traveling, but be responsible for our actions and say no to animal cruelty.

When every I lead Mekong Tours to those region, I alway advise them not to buy those birds. Thank you for stopping by and reading that long.


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