The sampan

The sampan.
Recently, I’ve dumped my motorcycle and pedal through my town every morning just to know my little town a little better. It may sound strange to you, but I love the feeling of getting around on a bike, and I can contemplate houses, stores along the way a little slower. And recently, I discovered a beautiful temple that has a big u shape white lotus pond, and all of a sudden, I love taking photographs of white lotus, I can walk around the pond for hours to look for something meaningful to me. I just enjoy being alone without disturbing by the outside world. It may sound strange again to you, who doesn’t want a company? Of course I do, especially when having a beer. =)) .
Join me, my RachGia photo tours or rach gia bike tours,  and explore my beautiful little town with me if you are traveling to Rach Gia City.
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