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Vietnamese Photographer – Exoloring Rach Gia City.

Rach Gia city located on the gulf of Thailand and it’s a bustling coastal city. As a Vietnamese photographer in Vietnam, I often travel there to capture fishing activities and related ones such as mending fishing nets, boat construction site, propeller factory…

This time, with my customers on a Vietnam Photo Tour, we traveled there to explore this fishing drying site which is very photogenic and offers many photo oppoturnities. If you are a photographer and looking for something new and exotic to shoot in the Mekong Delta, this one is a must.

I have visited this fish drying site many times and everytime I visit this area, I find something new to shoot.

I don’t know when the people in the mekong delta learned to make dried-fish, and when the people in Chau Doc learned to make fermented fish. But I have my own theory to explain that. Once upon a time, just like every fairy tale begins, when the mekong people were poor and food was scarce, our prioprity goal was to catch enough fish to eat. And when supply surpassed demand, we tried various ways to store them for long enough to use when we coudn’t not catch as many. The people in Chau Doc are mostly cambodian, they inherited the fermented fish recipe from their ancestors. The more they made it, the better they were and eventually, turned it to another level that made this city well-know for fermented fish. In Kien Giang province, a bustling coastal city in the mekong delta, would want to find another way to store their goods. When fishing off shore, they accidentially put the fish in directly under direct sunlights and there came the dried fish. Then they taught other fishermen to make dried fish. Ok, that’s too much of a theory. In the photo, some local workers drying fish in the early morning in Rach Gia City – Kien Giang Province – The Mekong Delta – Vietnam.

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