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Wedding Photographer in Vietnam – Where to take your wedding photos in Vietnam?

There are many beautiful places for wedding photography in Vietnam and it must be reply on your style and decision to choose one over another. But during this time, wedding photos in the Mekong Delta will be very colorful and unique.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in vietnam? Look no farther. NhanLephoto.com has been working and providing wedding photo service in Vietnam for more than a decade. He has been traveling with his customers around Vietnam from the Mekong Delta to the northern highlands.

Water lilies are blooming in the Mekong Delta right now. And also during this time of the year, the floating market is also very colorful. All the boats are loaded with various kind of flowers. Another beautiful location for wedding photography in Vietnam is in Sa Dec – The flower village. The flowers and the leading lines will make great wedding photos in Vietnam.

So if you are planning to visit Vietnam and have your wedding photos taken in Vietnam, those places are great locations for your trip.

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