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Wedding photos in Rach Gia City – A day in the forest

Nhanlephoto.com offers vacation photography services. If you are looking for a vacation photographer in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Contact me.

Wedding photos in Rach Gia City – A day in the forest

My customers first contacted me and told me that they wanted to look for a creative wedding photographer in Rach Gia City to help them plan for their wedding photo shoot and asked me if I could help. After exchanging a few emails, I recommended them to visit U Minh Thuong national park and let’s see if they like the location or not – It’s a very beautiful location for wedding photos in Rach Gia City and nobody have their wedding photos taken there before. And finally, they agreed and set a date so visit and shoot there.

After a few shots and they asked if I could make an aerial video clip for them? of course, I could. I always carry my drone with me when working with customers. They are just bonus and I gave them as a gift for using my wedding photo services.

The park is amazing and there is a rounded lake and there are some small kayaks there. It made their wedding photo so traditional and very vietnamese.

I’d like to thank my customers for joing me and supporting me. If you are looking for a local wedding photographer in Rach Gia City – Mekong Delta – Vietnam, Join me. I have wedding photo service and vacation photography service.

My price is very affordable. Just starting from 150$ with many benefits. If you have any questions, contact me or give me a call.

Looking to hire a personal photographer in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam? contact me. Thanks.

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