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What to photograph in Tra Vinh

Ba Dong Beach

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Hi every one. As a Fixer in Vietnam and a travel photographer who has been traveling around Vietnam since 2007, I would like to write this article to help you who love photography and want to know more about Tra Vinh Province so you can travel there alone and find interesting things to photograph.

Tra Vinh is one of my favorite locations in the Mekong Delta. I have been here so many times since I first started learning photography. The diversity of subject and culture in this province give me great photography oppoturnity. Even though not many tourists visit this area, I think it’s very photogenic and you can definately get some great pics if you visit this province.

Hope you find this article helpful. There you go.

Ba Om Pond is one of the most well-known location to local people. The local people will gather here in the early morning and afternoon walking around. The pond also has lotus and very nice at night. It’s great for street photography and night photography here. It’s located just a few kilometers away from Tra Vinh City Center. Easy to find.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

Hang Pagoda.

It’s a cambodian pagoda and what interested me most is that the monks here will do wood carving and sell that to visitors to produce enough profit to keep the pagoda alive. If you come here, you will see the monks here making beautiful wood products. Some are giantic. It’s very nice and photogenic. A great location for photography in Tra Vinh City.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

What else to shoot in Tra Vinh City? In the early morning, you just get out of the city and go to the ouskirt. It’s beautiful there and you will see the true picture of this province.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

There are many traditional handcraft villages that make traditional products. You must take your time to visit:

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

Another great activity that I love to photography in Tra Vinh is Salt harvesting in Duyen Hai District. But it’s too bad that the village had disappeared after the coal plant operated.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

What else to shoot in Tra Vinh? I think you must stay at least one night in Duyen Hai district to visit Ba Dong Beach in the early morning. it’s great for Milky way photography at night also. Since it’s a coastal town, you will have plenty of chance to shoot beach and fishing acitivities.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

I really love shooting fishing activities in Duyen Hai district because the local fishermen still use traditional fishing method to catch fish. It doesn’t require a boat to catch fish.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

I have many photos in this coastal village and I will share some that I like because If I share all of them. It will be too many.

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

As a Film Fixer in Vietnam, I often get my clients here to film and photograph Duyen Hai fishing village. It’s very nice and photogenic. If you want to produce a story about fishermen in the Mekong Delta, contact me. I provide affordable Film Fixer Service in Vietnam, including: Location scouting in Vietnam, Filming permits in Vietnam, Drone service in Vietnam and more.

If you are a solo traveler and want to visit these location and need more help, please follow me on instagram and DM me there. Tell me what you want and I will try my best to guide you there.

My instagram: nhanlephotography.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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